Frequently Asked Questions

To find common questions asked by fellow alumni about a particular Online Community feature, please scroll down to the appropriate heading. Do you have a question you can't find here? E-mail us at

Class Notes

I have already submitted a Class Note, and now I want to add an update. How do I add a new note without deleting the old one?

When you click the "Add" button in the Class Notes box, a pop-up appears with your previous note at the top. Do not delete the existing note. Instead, type your new entry beneath the existing note, and begin this new entry with today's date. Both the new and existing notes will need to be approved, but within 48 hours, you should see both entries. If you have a problem, please send an e-mail to

Can I submit Class Notes for each year that I graduated?

The Centenary University Online Community only has the ability to allow you to post a Class Note to your primary graduation year. Your primary year will automatically appear on the Class Notes page. If you would like to change your primary graduation year, please send an email to

Photos and Class Notes

How do I attach a photo to my Class Notes?

Photos are uploaded to your profile and are automatically available in your Class Notes. When other Alumni view your notes, they will see the photo you have submitted. This is also true when other users look for you in the Alumni Directory.

Profile Update

Whenever I try to update my profile, I receive an error message. What do I do?

A small percentage of alumni have received error messages when trying to update their profile. The Centenary University Online Community is aware of the problem and is working to fix it. If you experience this problem, please copy the error message in an email and send it to By reporting this problem, you will help us understand why this error only occurs with certain alumni, thus helping us fix the problem sooner.

I just registered to use the website, but it will not let me change my profile. What do I do?

To ensure the Online Community is only used by Centenary alumni, each new user must be approved after they register. This process takes approximately 48 hours. Therefore, certain parts of the site containing personal information about yourself or your fellow alumni will not be immediately available to you. Please take this time to familiarize yourself with all the other features of the site, including alumni and Centenary news, upcoming events, and alumni giving opportunities, then check back in about 2 days to gain the full Centenary University Online Community experience.


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